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Letters of reference for Emily Winifred Dickson

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Employment letters


Manuscript letter from Alec Fraser, Professor of Anatomy at RCSI, discussing Dickson's distinctions as a student and recommending her for the profession.


Manuscript letter relates to Dickson's time as a student in Sir Patrick Dun's hospital.


Manuscript letter from Edward Hallaran Bennett, Professor of Surgery at the University of Ireland and former president of RCSI, recommending Dickson's abilities.


Manuscript letter from Edward Hamilton, President of RCSI, discussing Dickson's distinctions as a student.


Typescript letter from German Sims Woodhead, Pathological Laboratory, New Medical Schools, Cambridge, providing a reference and inquiring after her husband, Robert Martin.


Manuscript letter from Hugh Leonard, Registrar at the Coombe Lying-In Hospital, to Dickson enclosing a letter of reference for her time as Supernumerary Assistant to the Master.


Manuscript letter from J.M. Purser, 3 Wilton Terrace, recommending Dickson.


Manuscript letter from John Magee Finny, former president of RCPI, discusses Dickson's abilities and achievements including winning a silver medal in the Prize Examination of Clinical Medicine.


Manuscript letter from John William Moore, Physician to the Meath Hospital and Joint Professor of Practical Medicine at RCSI, commending the ability and skill of Dickson.


Manuscript letter from Joseph O'Carroll, Physician to the Richmond Hospital, to Dickson recommending her for any public medical appointment.


Manuscript letter from Kathleen M. Scott, 78 Bidston Road, [Surrey?], to Dickson enclosing reference for her time operation Scott's husband's practice in Ellesmere, Shropshire.


Manuscript letter from Richard A. Hayes, Physician for Diseases of Throat and Nose for National Eye and Ear Infirmary and Physician at Dr Steeven's Hospital, discusses his very favourable opinion of Dickson's work.


Manuscript letter from T.P. Cowen, Medical Superintendent, Rainhill, County Palatine of Lancaster, recommending her for Camberwell Infirmary. An additional note attests to her qualities (28 October 1917).


Typescript letter from Thomas Myles, former president of the RCSI, to Emily Winifred Dickson enclosing a testimonial and wishing her success.


Manuscript letter from William Thomson, Surgeon to the Richmond Hospital, praising Dickson's career in the Richmond, Whitworth and Hardwicke Hospitals.


Manuscript letter from William Josiah Smyly, master of the Rotunda Hospital, commending Dickson's abilities in midwifery and obstetrics.


Manuscript letter from William Stokes, Surgeon in Ordinary to Queen Victoria, commending Dickson's time as a student in RCSI.


Manuscript letter from William Thornley Stoker, former president of RCSI and Surgeon to the Richmond Hospital, praises Dickson's abilities as a resident and house surgeon.


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